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WMT – WallModuleToaster


Produce your walls directly on the construction site.

Custom made 365 days a year!

Green building with the

  • Shorter planning times
  • Shorter overall construction period
  • Fewer transport routes
  • Lower transport costs
  • Fewer employees in shell construction
  • More FLEXIBILITY during the construction process
  • Fewer employees for finishing work
  • Lower CO² emissions
  • Lower overall production costs

What makes the so special?

The , WallModuleToaster is a machine we have developed to produce concrete walls in various lengths and strengths. Mobility is the defining feature of the ; it can be used directly on the construction site. This saves transport costs, time and money. You gain flexibility; construction plans can immediately be implemented on site. Reworking is unnecessary; the produces walls smooth on both sides. Gaps for doors and windows are positioned exactly and can be inserted immediately. Technical installations in the walls are a matter of course.
Integrated heating enables walls to be cast even in icy temperatures down to -5°C.
Different concrete mixes can be used to produce variable the wall strengths and surfaces.

The  delivers planning security, reduces production costs and increases productivity.

It delivers the flexibility to control the construction process. Once the work is finished, the WMT can be simply dismantled and deployed on the next construction site. The sets new standards in serial construction.

“Das nobis living concept mit dem WMT revolutioniert das Bauen in Bezug auf Effektivität und damit Kosten. Ich konnte es nicht glauben, bis ich es im Einsatz erlebt habe.”
R. Schipke

The can do more than create living space.

 noise insulation

Silo construction

flood protection

Hall production

What can the do for you?

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